Many of us have seen ads on TV, internet and print announcing when big companies share the proceeds from your pruchase with a charity, however, there are many small businesses who also support charities every day from their sales, however, they may not have the budget to announce it.  This site supports the small businesses that are giving back. Please alert us to places to shop during this season of love and giving, that give back.  See requirements below.

Contact from Business/Products that Give Back

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Offers  and donations must be available now.
This site is for small and independent businesses that share proceeds with charities.
Business/product must be offering a donation for the purchase. A discount with purchase does not quality.
Their offer and donations must be available now. Once their offer expires, they will be removed from this site.
They must post their donation offer on their website/social site.
They must provide accounting for the donations for anyone who asks. This could be a list on their webpage, a donation receipt from the charity or the like.

The sponsor of this website are not responsible for businesses who do not honr their donation offfer, however, any complaints of donations not sent/received by the charity or donor will result in the business listing being removed and potential legal ramifications against the business, it's owners and representatives..